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Have you ever tried blueberry wine? Like the fruit it comes from, it’s semi sweet in flavour. It’s nearer to red wine in colour, but more similar to white wine in how it’s made, ie. straight from vat to bottle, not aged. And the best news of all, there’s no need to cellar it as it is best drunk within two years, which makes it a great every day quaffing wine.

Blueberry Wine

Blueberry Wine

A full bodied wine made from 100% blueberries, it is subtle in flavour with a sweet edge – and easy to drink. Made in vats, over about four months, goes well with sweet curries, cheese plates, desserts or as an aperitif.

Blueberry Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Blueberry Wine

Made with 100% blueberries using méthode traditionnelle – the same method as good French champagne which is then left on lees for 6 months before being disgorged and corked. Makes a fantastic aperitif.


Blueberry Style Moscato

A Moscato style wine made from blueberries, crafted in the same method as a muscatel grape moscato, sweet with a little acid and slightly carbonated. Great ice cold on a hot day.

Barrel Aged Blueberry Fortified Wine

Aged fortified blueberry wine

Made in a port style, from blueberry wine and brandy spirit, then barrelled in French oak for 3 to 6 months. This process softens the fortified and adds vanilla and oak characteristics. Best served after dinner with cheese or desserts.

Our Cider

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St Ronan’s Methode Traditionelle Apple Cider

This cider is made in the traditional method champagne style, with a secondary fermentation in the bottle. It has a clean, crisp finish which is perfect for an aperitif or with any meal.

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St Ronan’s Methode Traditionelle Pear Cider

Winner “Best Australian Perry” 2012 Australian Cider Awards

St Ronan’s Pear Cider is made on-site here at Badger Creek Blueberry Farm. This cider is made in the traditional method champagne style, with a secondary fermentation in the bottle.

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St Ronan’s Cider Mid-strength Apple & Pear Cans

St Ronan’s mid-strength cans are a blend of apple and pear with a lower alcohol content.

St Ronan's Draught Apple Cider

St Ronan’s Apple Cider is a lightly carbonated unfiltered cider made from real apples. Best enjoyed on a sunny afternoon super cold!


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